Rome, Italy

Oh, Roma.

My favorite city in Europe, packed with pasta, gelato, history, and Paolos. Sure, it wasn’t the Lizzie McGuire Movie 2.0… it was better.

I can’t even find the words to describe the feeling that Rome gives you… but I’ll try. They weren’t lying when they said Rome was the most historical city. Every which way I turned, there was a landmark. A tourist attraction. But most importantly, a spot where something important happened. The Trevi Fountain, one of the oldest water sources in Rome, glowed in the night. The (endless) Spanish Steps, actually given to Rome by the French, were worth the climb once you see the view from the top. The Colosseum, where gladiators once fought for a living, had the steepest steps I’ve ever encountered. The Roman Forum, filled with ruins of the ancient city, still stands (slightly worn down) today. Castle Sant’ Angelo, a Pagan structure turned to protective fortress to Christian castle, always let us know we were almost back home on campus. Every bridge, every bar, every cobblestoned street, is captured in my memory.

Rome opened my eyes to the reality of the world we live in. This world, it is not small. It’s not meant for us to live our entire lives in one state, one country even. This world has more land to explore than one could in a lifetime. And I’ve been living in a tiny, minuscule bubble shut off from all of the opportunities that exist. But Rome brought light to my eyes, hope to my future, and blood to my veins. A little dramatic? Maybe. But Rome really showed me what it means to live.

I’m determined to go back and, who knows, maybe one day live there.. My first stop would be my favorite gelateria: La Romana, I’d get a scoop of stracciatella and a scoop of biscotto with white chocolate in the cone topped with their special cream. I’ll visit the museums I failed to see and explore the depths of Villa Borghese. Make a quick stop and enjoy a delicious dish of Cacio e Pepe and Tiramisu for dessert at Gourmet, Canteori, Cafe Cafe, or maybe Caffetteria Al Parlamento where the sweetest waiter spoke FOUR languages! (This waiter inspired me to actually become fluent in Spanish) Actually, most of the servers were quite friendly and flirty. Or was it Italians in general? Life was honestly a dream.


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